HHP Association 2019 Organizational Structure

According to the Rules of HHP Association (HHP Society Incorporated) and the agreement of the Management Committee of HHP Association, the 2019 organizational structure of HHP Association is as follows:

I. The Framework of HHP Association Organizational Structure

II. Introduction to the Three Institutes of HHP Association

The President in collaboration with the Management Committee is in charge of the overall management of HHP Association. The Management Committee currently has three members, who are President: Mr. Lei Liu; Treasurer: Mr. Zhensheng Ye; Secretary: Mr. Quanhui Ye.

The specific management of HHP Association is implemented through the three-institute system. The three institutes under HHP Association are: The Institute of Daren Study (including the Training Center, the Communication Center and the Assembly Center), The Institute of Daren Affairs (including the Functional Center, the Office Center and the Administrative Center), and The Institute of Daren Life (including the Women & Children Center, the Culture and Art Center and the Health Center) 

In principle, all members in the central office of an institute constitute the committee of a certain institute, which is responsible for electing the standing committee of the institute. The dean in collaboration with the standing committee is in charge of the overall management of the institute. Each institute has several centers established by actual needs. The director of each center is in charge of the overall management of the center. When there are actual needs, a center may set up a standing committee to assist the director in the overall management of the center.