About the HHP Association

The HHP Association (HHP Society Incorporated) is a legal charitable organization registered in New Zealand. The main purpose is to promote people to pay more attention to people and appreciate and value humanity more, so that to achieve “People First”, which is the goal of Daren; also, to ensure that people return to true human nature and achieve “Honor of Humanity Paramount”. Meanwhile, when people are full of humanity, everything in the world will be taken care of with the most humanity, therefore benefits from Daren.

In addition to HHP Association per se, there are also two subordinate organizations: Dashi Historical Center Incorporated (referred to as the “Archive”) and SH Daren Life Society Incorporated (“Life Association”). Among them, HHP Association is in charge of the overall affairs, and various direct social contacts, such as guiding the core concept of Daren and planning the promotion of Daren; arranging office affairs of finance, leasing and collaboration with other institutions, etc. The Archive mainly records and displays the past history and materials of HHP Association. Life Association mainly exhibits the present core concepts and materials of HHP Association.

In the process of development, HHP Association has gradually formed a characteristic three-institutional structure, including: The Institute of Daren Study (including the Training center, the Communication Center, the Assembly center), The Institute of Daren Affairs (including the Functional Center, the Office Center, the Administrative Center), and The Institute of Daren Life (the Women and Children Centre, the Culture and Art Centre, the Health Centre). Each Centre contains various departments and groups. The association has been developing rapidly, and therefore has started planning the next base construction to accommodate future expansion and to provide better service to more people. In the development of the past ten years, HHP Association has formed an independent, unique, integrative and complete Daren thought of “People First”. The thought encompasses all scopes of Gods and godlessness, and completely transcends all matter and forms, pointing directly to the human hearts/minds. In real life , HHP Association has helped thousands of people to enrich their humanity, stay away from hatred, and has contributed greatly to people’s health, family happiness, and social harmony. There are also numerous cases that have benefited the society. The Archive will continue to sort out these cases for social sharing and to better benefit the whole society.