Introduction to “The Human World of The People”

I.  The purpose of writing

Today, among people, it is difficult to achieve “Put People in the First Place”, either among colleagues or friends, or even relatives. “Put People in the First Place” seems to be simple, but its essence is in fact very profound and far-reaching, involving many aspects. In order to promote and achieve this goal and to bring more happiness to people, I wrote this book “The Human World of The People”.

II. The presentation styles of the book

The book consists of three parts: the main body in calligraphy, the main body in printing fonts, and the vernacular part. The main body in calligraphy contains only approximately 5,000 words, written in concise and easily understood traditional Chinese; arranged from a self-produced ‘Kai’ style calligraphy font library and raised the artistic level of the whole work. The main body uses standard fonts and punctuations to facilitate the reading and understanding. 

The calligraphy part not only has the connotation of the meaning of the words, but also the connotation of the “image” of the Chinese characters. Meanwhile, the beige color background with the effect of Chinese calligraphy paper make the book more comfortable to read. Finally, there is a corresponding vernacular part that makes it easier for modern people to understand. Together, the three parts make the book easy to read and interpret.

III. The originality of the work

This book systematically talks about how to achieve “Human First “, and to get out of the state driven by “materials be supreme and gains first”. This work is produced in hoping that “Human First” is no longer out of reach, allowing people to have a greater happiness.

This book uses a simple and concise writing, supplemented with the traditional Chinese calligraphy, systematically expounds the understanding and method of “Put Human in the First Place”. It is a rare book of culture, arts and social science that combines the calligraphy art, literature art, philosophy and cultural life, etc.

IV. About the author

Mr. Zheng Liu always believes in the warmth and power of humanity, and succeeded in this creation through integrating many schools of thoughts. Seeing beyond everything, such as astronomy, geography, culture, mathematics and science, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, nothing is separable from the people. Therefore, everything is valuable only when for people.