HHP Association is recruiting a Religious Assistant

The HHP Association (HHP Society Incorporated) is a registered charity organisation in New Zealand. The main purpose is to draw more attention to people and humanity, thereby achieving Daren with the goal of “Humans be in the First Place”, and thereby ensure that people can return to their true human nature and achieve “Honor of Humanity Paramount”. Meanwhile, when people are full of humanity, everything in the world will be taken care of in the most humanistic way, and hence benefits from Daren.

Currently, HHP Association has been carrying out a large amount of religious activities step by step in New Zealand to promote the spread and expansion of the Association, so that to create a Daren life that helps people live a happier life. For this reason, there is an urgent need to hire a religious assistant to assist the daily works of the president and the organisation of the HHP Association.

Work Descriptions:

  • Promoting Daren to different communities, spreading the principles of Daren, and explaining the purpose and practice of HHP Association
  • Holding lectures: expounding on the ideology and practical methods of Daren to different groups of people
  • Conducting systematic training and guidance of Daren to students in need
  • Holding Daren ceremonies, such as Rentang Ceremony, Gubai (Daren worship) ceremony, and Renqin Ceremony
  • Providing humanistic care to members and prospective members of HHP Association, and assisting members and prospective members to deepen their understanding and practice of Daren
  • Leading Daren studying and communication sessions in Rentang, and instructing on Daren Fitness Exercises
  • Assisting to carry out the in-depth study on the doctrine and the progress of the trend of Daren
  • Contacting with relevant government departments, organizations and groups to expand the influence of the HHP Association
  • Taking charge of English translation and proofreading of Daren-related works and materials


  • A full member of the HHP Association, with a firm and sincere belief in the ideology of HHP Association and ShiShang (The Supreme Daren Master)
  • At least 2 years of training of systematic Daren learning of HHP Association and training as a Rentang leader
  • A deep understanding and practice of Daren, and a high degree of enthusiasm and a highly responsible attitude towards the cause of Daren
  • The ability to lead Daren group learning and communication, and help students resolve problems encountered in study, work, and life on the basis of Daren
  • Rich in humanity and a high level of mindset, good moral quality and emotional management skills
  • Bachelor degree or above, with good oral and written communication skills in Chinese and English
  • A deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture, -knowledge of classical Chinese would be a great addition
  • Good health